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Ideas to Enhance Your Business Photography to Increase Your Sales and brand awareness.

15 excellent product photography concepts to assist with sales

You don’t have much time to make an impact on your target audience, so you must use every bit of it to your advantage…even if it’s just a millisecond. Captivating visuals of your products can help you do this.

No matter what kind of merchandise you have for sale, from beer to hoodies, the visual appeal of the product is of importance.

If you’re looking to take top-notch product photographs, consider investing in a quality crew with quality photography equipment. 

This post presents 15 suggestions to inspire creative product photography. The ideas provided aim to help photographers take engaging images of products that can potentially lead to increased sales.

1. Construct a setting

Beginning with this extensive topic, let’s start here! When taking a picture of your product, it is crucial to consider not only the product itself, but likewise the surrounding environment. You can take advantage of the backdrop to aid you in selling your item. You could be familiar with the saying: Rather than marketing the mattress, promote a peaceful slumber.

No matter the product, the same thought process should be used. Take beer, for example, don’t just focus on the item itself, focus on the experience it provides: a good time.

For sure, a lot of preparation is necessary to arrange a shot, so you could also decide to set up a scene yourself with the help of props.

An advertisement poster is shown with an image of a sleek desk. Image of a cool desk on a poster

Advise your clients that the poster isn’t the only thing to be sold – the attractive office space should be a priority as well.

The photographer has set up the product in a scene that makes the photograph more interesting and thus, will draw in more customers.

A common approach to product photography is to employ a Bokeh background, which is essentially a blur effect, to emphasize the product in the photo.

2. Close-up photos

Taking macro shots is a great way to capture detail and bring attention to features that may otherwise be overlooked. Close-up photography allows one to create beautiful and captivating images that are filled with fascinating detail.

Extremely close-up shots are known as macro shots and you can often see them in eateries. For example, a dollop of butter slowly flowing down a corn cob. These visuals are used to stir up our feelings and promote buying.

Consider this illustration – A close-up of a chess piece is pictured in one image, while a macro photo of a guitar is presented in the other.

Those who are passionate about chess and guitar playing will certainly have their enthusiasm stirred by a macro shot like this, reminding them of their hobbies and prompting them to make a purchase.

In addition to close-up shots, it is essential to include pictures of the item in its entirety. When selling items online, the more info you present, the more probable it is that someone will buy it. Customers need to be certain that what they see is what they will get.

3. Incorporate the product in the background

Rather than macro shots, one can place the product in the background of the shot. This allows the viewer to see it in its intended setting and encourages them to imagine how it would look in their own environment. For example, A sofa is accentuated by an art piece on the wall.

4. Snapshots in time with freeze frame photography

Creating freeze frame photographs can be an effective way to get someone’s attention. It’s a great way to be visually appealing.

A photo of a cup of coffee was taken with a rapid shutter speed. Image of the beverage shot quickly.

Getting the perfect product photograph can be a challenge, and it may take a large number of attempts to get the right one. However, when you do achieve that moment when it appears as though time has been frozen, you will have a professional-looking shot that will captivate customers. Just think of how amazing your custom-branded mug would look in a photo like that!

5. Image alteration

Photo manipulation can be referred to as image alteration, which involves modifying a picture in a certain way.

So far, the first technique that requires more than just a camera is photo manipulation. To create this effect, you will have to alter your photos.

If you’re looking to do some digital editing, you’ll need to get your hands on a software such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. However, these aren’t exactly the most user-friendly, so you might want to look for some helpful tutorials online, such as on YouTube.

It might be a good idea to employ a designer to assist you. If you wish to convey the key idea of your product in an original and unforgettable manner, then photo editing is an excellent way to do that.

6. Demonstrate all product variants

Customers who shop online like to have an abundance of pictures to view so that they can be certain they are content with the item they are investing in. Therefore, it is beneficial to illustrate all the versions of the product in the images.

A picture of different shoes in three distinct colors would be  the example.

Three colors of shoes is important.  Don’t expect your customers to speculate what your product would look like in a different hue — provide them with an image! If your rivals are not doing this, it can give you an advantage and enhance your sales.

7. Demonstrate the utilization of the product

Prior to taking photos of your merchandise, collaborate with your colleagues to identify precisely what your ideal purchasers seek from your product. For instance, a skateboarder would be an action shot while slippers would be mellow and relaxing.  When creating product photos, make sure to illustrate the customers’ desire.

One way to catch the eye of potential customers is to demonstrate your products being utilized in unexpected ways, like this one: A woman dressed in a wedding gown was seen sporting pink baseball shoes beneath her clothing. A bride in a wedding dress with pink baseball shoes

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in ecommerce, so if you have an idea that sets you apart, don’t hesitate to capitalize on it.

8. All-around photos

A 360 degree photo is a type of image that captures a full view of the surrounding environment. This includes capturing a full sphere of the surrounding area, providing viewers with an immersive experience.

When purchasing in a physical store, customers are able to physically examine the item by lifting it, observing it from different perspectives, and gauging its weight. However, when shopping online, people cannot do that.

Using Arqspin, you can provide a more interactive experience for your customers by enabling them to observe your merchandise from all perspectives.

By using Arqspin, you gain a spinning platform and the ability to utilize a cloud-based editing program so that you can create full 360-degree product images.

9. Demonstrate to people. 

It has been revealed by Toluna that a majority of individuals are drawn to advertisements and product images with real people. Furthermore, 62.3% of those surveyed said they found brands more relatable when they feature ordinary people.

Including individuals in your product photos is a great way to reach out to your target market. People will be able to identify with the photo and visualize themselves using or wearing your product.

10. Test out various angles

When taking a picture, it is typical to capture the image from one’s eye level.  For example, a mug situated at eye level.  Nevertheless, it does not hurt to try out different perspectives to discover something potentially more alluring.  Photography from a top-down angle is a favored option since it eliminates any visible point of view and instead demands that the audience concentrate solely on the subject of the picture.

11. Utilize a mirrored surface

Including a reflection to a product photograph can give it an extra special touch.  Imagine a gaming controller pictured on a glossy surface and showing it’s reflection.

Achieving the desired reflected surface look can be done by utilizing a photo manipulation tool, or making one by hand with a mirror. To make it more polished, modify the lighting in the area or use photo editing software.

12. Incorporate props into the equation

Assisting customers to visualize the utility of your product is achievable through the use of props. By utilizing the other items you are selling as props, it can help you to increase their sales.

A timepiece combined with an aged camera and a fashionable hip flask would be a visual example.

By adding more to the photo, it conveys a captivating narrative and offers more information about the product and the company selling it.

13. Products placed on hold

The suspension of certain products can be most interesting.

Photography buffs can enjoy themselves while creating a long-lasting impact with their work.  Imagine A baseball cap floating in the air.

An impressive image can be created by suspending a product and using clear fishing line. It might take some work, but once it is achieved, the line can be removed from the photo using Photoshop.

14. Independent, shoot simply the product

We’ve discussed in great detail the various things you can use to complement your products. From props to establishing a scene to having individuals use the item, these are all viable options. But, there could be cases where exhibiting the product on its own is the best way to go.

Simply shoot the product on a blank canvas.  It’s not always necessary to have fancy details – sometimes it can be more powerful to just put the spotlight on your item.

15. Reveal your individualism

Presenting photos of your products offers a great chance to express your brand’s personality. When customers become familiar with the character of your brand, it helps to increase their connection and loyalty.

When you think about your company’s character, think about how you can represent this in your item photos.  Sunning oneself on a beach bathed in sunshine can be a delightful experience. A beach on a sunny day is the concept.  Carefree and enjoying some sun. A feeling of being part of the scene is evoked. By doing this, the company is selling a sense of adventure, relaxation, and sunshine.

Extra Advice: If you’re looking to take top-notch product photographs, consider investing in a quality crew with quality photography equipment.  We can shoot on location or set-up in our studio is among the best recommendations we can make.