Headshots and Portraits

In theater, film, and television, actors, models, singers, and other entertainers are often required to include a head shot, along with their résumé, when applying for a job.  These days it is important for everyone to have a headshot, whether for business or personal use.  Our head shots are usually more artistic: they intend to portray the subject in the best possible light.  Head shots often feature the person facing off-center.  We will often have head shots expressing different poses and expressions to give a potential employer an idea of the subject’s range of appearances or expressions. These types of head shots are called “looks.”  It is common for you to have different head shots for different needs, but for the most part these consist of a change in attire. The head shots that include a person’s shoulders are called “three-quarter” shots. Previously, head shots were often in black-and-white; however, most head shots are now taken in color.

The main purpose of a head shot is identification. Therefore, the most important feature of an actor’s head shot is that it represents the subject. Theatrical head shots are usually very “neutral” looking shots of the actor clearly showing their facial features.

We can shoot your business portrait at your location or in our studio, whichever you prefer.

Head shots are intended to show a person as they currently appear and reflect their best qualities. Therefore, if your hair has been recently cut or colored, they would often get a new head shot to reflect their new image. Additionally, if an actor has a scar or facial blemish, it is expected to be visible on the head shot and not digitally removed from the image. Pimples or spots are temporary and, therefore, are usually digitally retouched.

Many people don’t like having their pictures.  They compare the experience of sitting for head shots on the same level as pulling a tooth.

Not so with our studio crew.  One reason we are able to get such great pictures is because we make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease.  Unlike a lot of other studios, we actually take the time to talk to our clients.  It’s amazing how everyone feels so much more relaxed when they get a chance to speak about themselves.  We want to create photographs that show your personality and convey the correct image.

You can find our portraits on many corporate website pages. We’ve shot for many top St Louis companies, book covers of famous writers, and startups of some young, successful entrepreneurs. We know what you need and are more than capable of delivering it in a most professional form. Invest in yourself, as it could be the most profitable investment you’ve ever made.

Professional business portraits in St. Louis

We not only provide you with a professional looking executive portrait, but will also capture your personality in such a unique and authentic manner that it clearly shows in the photos. Here we do not force people to smile as this can come off as fake or phony looking. We look to achieve the most authentic looking photos, as they tend to be the most professional, as well.

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