Company events and party shots

Don’t let your event photography overwhelm you! We can help! We work to capture your event and show how delightful and fun it was. We work to capture the room energy and keep it fascinating and inspiring.

We have all the right gear and the know how to shoot in many diverse lighting conditions and venue settings. Plus we always have backup equipment for your peace of mind. We bring an extra of just about everything that we need.

Every company event has a story to tell, made up of those special moments both large and small that are shared between everyone present. Corporate events, from parties and holidays to fund-raisers and launches we can cover all those functions with our experienced photographers. And we do it in the background with a light-footed presence that puts everyone at ease and allows you to enjoy your event more fully. 

We can also shoot headshots and group portraits when at your function for web and social media usage.

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