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Advertising Photographer

We shoot headshots, environmental portraits and brand photography on location or in our studio for editorial, advertising and corporate business clients.

Our commercial photography sessions are customizable based on the needs of your brand, whether you’re looking to use a few images in your Facebook Ads or hundreds of images across print and digital media. We also shoot for any type of service industry and profession.

With professional commercial photography, you can capture clear, creative, and personalized photos of your products or your business. Professional photos help in creating a positive image of your business and a great impression among consumers.

For many consumers, your marketing material is the first time they are going to hear or learn about your business. You need to make the best impression during that time. Professional photos demonstrate how serious you are about your business and providing a good service or product. 

Visual imaging for use by businesses for selling or promoting their brand with customers, other businesses and corporate in-house communications, website, annual report, social media, advertising or trade show.

Mike Haller
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St Louis Photographer
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