St Louis Location Photographers

st louis location photography
st louis location photography

Of course, we can always shoot in our convenient and private studio when the need arises. But many times, what we need to shoot is found at your location or that of your customer’s. No problem, we can get the proper permits, scouting requirements and permissions to shoot at your designated remote location.

St Louis Photographers specializing in environmental, architecture, food, restaurants and events.  Our customers include large and small businesses, web based firms, universities, public relations firms, advertising agencies, graphic design firms and magazines.  We work from our studio, your location and around the country.

High Definition digital photography for St Louis. We deliver only perfectly edited and color corrected images for any application and provide solutions for all of your photographic needs. If you are considering product photography, do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate or to discuss your product photography project.

Since 1982, we’ve been shooting publicity photography, corporate events, executive portraits and product shots. We specialize in delivering solutions, and we always deliver on our clients’ needs. Our expertise and innovative use of technology will result in photographs that are both captivating and able to communicate your message.

Fred Hamann, St. Louis Photographer, 314-892-1233

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