Corporate Branding & Advertising Photographer

We take the time to learn and understand your product or service so we can highlight the strengths and capabilities through the images. We take great pride in what we do and the success we have had developing longstanding business relationships.

We can provide whatever is needed to photograph your product or service. We can help with the talent, hair stylist and make-up artist as needed.

We can provide retouching, art work and offer you prints or electronic files.

We are a group of professional photographers and videographers working together to benefit the customer in the best, most creative way possible.

StL Photographer – The team reviews a studio shoot for Abolition News

Photographer in St. Louis

Milton Oldendorph, 314-892-1233, shot the public relations and advertising awards ceremony for Federal Mogul in St. Louis.  Here is a video (shown below) of the still images from that event.  Video Post Production was provided by

Creating a stunning visual representation of a restaurant’s food, a museum’s artwork, an architect’s building, or metal finisher’s brass parts all comes down to achieving proper focus, color accuracy, and beauty.

Engaging the expertise of an accomplished commercial photographer offers the potential to generate revenue through the promotion of products and services. Our experienced team of professionals are distinguished from the merely advanced amateurs and amateur hobbyists.

Your business will generate more money with the help of professional creative photography. It is a great incentive to make a profit. Quality photography will make it easier to reach your marketing and sales targets. Subpar photography, however, will reduce the quality of your product.

Advertising and marketing projects rely on visuals, such as photos and images, to attract their target audience. Our creative photography team creates eye-catching visual art that entices viewers and boosts the chances of them investigating the advertisement further.

We provide all-digital, high-definition creative imaging services for entrepreneurs, corporate marketers, and agency creatives. Our photography is used for promotional materials, annual reports, and webpages. Our extensive experience covers architecture, merchandise, industrial production, engineering, construction, property investment, workplace headshots, corporate identity, events, and video production.

Benefits of Hiring an Advertising Photographer for Your Products and Services

Advertising photography is a great asset for any business. It can be used to make creative, eye-catching campaigns. Professional photographers often specialize in this type of photography. We use high quality lighting, composition, and color to make compelling visuals. These visuals will help your customers connect with your business’s brand or product.

Advertising photographs are used in many promotional materials like advertisements, posters, trade show displays, websites, brochures, press releases, and more. As a professional advertising photographer, we have the skills to showcase a business’s products or services in the best way to reach its target audience.

Benefits of Hiring Our Advertising Photographers

We’ve been a successful company since 1982. We can help you stand out to potential customers. We bring top-notch, imaginative photos for your products and services.

From capturing precious moments to creating a visual narrative, we possess the skills to upgrade how your business is seen.

Let’s explore the advantages of hiring on of our advertising photographers!

Professional Quality Photos

We will give your marketing materials a professional quality. We understand lighting, angles, and equipment. Plus, we know current trends in our field. We capture attractive aspects of a product or service with style. We also add props and backgrounds to make the photograph eye-catching. Our professional photographers pay attention to color balance and backgrounds.

Hiring us will save you time and money. We have experience in providing high-quality photographs for marketing materials. This helps improve brand recognition. You’ll get outstanding visuals for print and digital platforms. It’s highly recommended for businesses worldwide.

Increased Visibility

Hiring an experienced advertising photographer from our crew is a great way to increase the visibility of your products and services. We use creative techniques to capture images that will draw attention and promote your brand.

From elevated angles to macro shots, to lifestyle scenes, we can capture a wide range of high-quality images. Plus, professional-grade images help build trust with your customers by providing accurate representations of products in an attractive manner. This ensures a higher return on investment for campaigns, since they are of higher quality than most pictures taken with mobile phones or amateur cameras.

Moreover, when you use our experienced photography team with specialized equipment, you can capture different scenarios, such as shooting at night or at a certain angle. We’re also very knowledgeable in retouching techniques, allowing us to create the same effect for multiple images.

Hiring one of our advertising photographers is cost-effective and ensures eye-catching imagery that helps promote your products, services, and overall brand engagement.


We provide a cost-effective way to advertise. Our pros have the skills, experience and resources for taking the photos needed to promote your product or service. It requires expertise, along with specialized equipment. You get better images, with attention to detail and expert techniques in lighting and composition. Enticing visuals of professional quality are needed for promoting your brand.

Advertising photography involves more than just taking pics. Pre-production planning, creative concepts and post-production work such as editing and retouching the images for best results. Hiring us eliminates these tasks and focuses on other aspects of marketing efforts. Plus, one shot can quickly capture what’s needed instead of having multiple takes.

Working with our experienced photographers gives you greater control over results without extra expenses or delays. Achieve optimum results without professional assistance.

Types of Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is essential for any business that wants to promote their goods or services. Professional advertising photography can create compelling images that show the story of your business.

There are several types of advertising photography, each having its own advantages. Let’s review the various types and explore the advantages they bring!

Product Photography

Product photography is designed to snap pictures of a certain product for marketing. Companies use these images on their website, ads, and catalogs. Shots of the product from different angles, close-ups, and lifestyle shots are included. We’ll ensure excellent results that will show off your product well.

The goal of product photography is to make beautiful images that encourage customers to buy the item. It must display features and details, and its personality and lifestyle elements. Lighting and accessories help us do this.

High-end cameras and professional backdrops are needed. Steady hands and patience are also key. Our experienced photographers know what equipment and light to use to make ideal visuals of the product.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is when we capture real-life, everyday situations. We’ll create authentic images that engage your audience in a relatable way. This style is used to show the lifestyle of certain brands and products, or to capture related content, like seasonal trends, fashion, travel, health/beauty, and food/beverage.

Examples include candid shots of people using a product outside or in an environment that reflects its real-world use. From simple images of an ice cream cone by the beach, to complex scenes with multiple people and a product, lifestyle photography helps audiences make an emotional connection to what’s being advertised.

Food Photography

Food photography is a popular type of advertising photography. Businesses that advertise food-related products or services use it to bring their dishes to life.

Photography should be natural and high-quality. Colors, light and shadows must speak clearly to consumers. Props and styling draw the eye. The result should be ‘picture perfect’.

Our professional photographers are experienced at getting each shot right first time. The result is stunning photos for a successful marketing campaign. This gives businesses value for their investment with quality shots and repeat business use.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is an art form used to showcase clothing or models in the best light. Brands or retailers use it to promote their product lines. Our photographers use lighting, pose and digital artist manipulation to create atmosphere and emphasize qualities of their subject.

A successful fashion photograph focuses on the clothes, colors, textures, and design to grab attention. It helps preserve the look of the fabrics and cuts of the items. Fashion photography is especially useful for promoting clothing lines.

To sum up, hiring one of our advertising photographers has numerous advantages for your firm. You can generate images that represent your products or services perfectly and guarantee they look professional and top-notch. We can better comprehend lighting, angles, and composition. This makes it easier to craft visually attractive images that draw attention to your products or services.

When done correctly the cost will be worth it in the long term. Our proven results will help you to get more customers and make more sales.