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St. Louis Advertising Photographer

No one knows your products better than you. However, nothing is better than a product photo shoot to bring out special features of your product that may surprise even you. We search and create for unusual angles, get close ups and look for unique points of view. Tell a story with the images you capture. You never know what angle will end up revealing the most impressive or attractive tale, so test different options.

These images were all shot in the studio for client advertising on the web. The market was to doctors and health care professionals. Studio grid lighting was used for the shoot in south county St. Louis, Missouri.

Mike Haller
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St Louis Photographer
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As an art director and photographer, I understand the intricate relationship between art and business. As an experienced photographer, I craft the narrative image of the brand.  I use this experience to tell honest, inviting stories. I create the backdrop for the story, and then I provide the simple visual direction that lets that story unfold by itself, capturing real life moments and emotions that pull viewers into each shot.

st louis advertising photographer

st louis advertising photographer


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