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Let’s face it… when you talk about creative photography, the field is wide open. Some may consider an abstract out-of-focus photo as being creative, while others may consider it to just another excuse to call a bad photo “creative”. The following is my definition of creative photography: Creative photography contains an extra element (or elements) that are intentionally used to improve the photo from its original state.

Creative Imagery To Help You Sell!

Creative Imagery To Help You Sell!

With the right composition, colors, lighting and camera settings you can achieve perfect look.
Well, try to stay away from flat shots, unless super intentional.

What point of view are we looking at? Physically move around the space, looking for the best and most attractive angles. Give your shot some depth — foreground, middle ground and background. What is the context of the shot? Consider low or high angles to complement your answer.

Rob Haller
St Louis Photographer

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