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The Interview Look
One of the most common questions we get before our shoots is, “What do I wear?” There really aren’t any defined rules here. It’s best to avoid super busy patterns because they can play tricks with the camera. Solid, bold colors are always a great choice. Unless you’re in a studio with big lights, heavy powder make-up isn’t generally necessary. If you are standing for your interview, try to keep your feet planted. I say that, but you also want to feel natural. If you talk with your hands and tend to gesture, you should feel free to do so during your interview. In fact, we’re always looking for opportunities for you to show us what you’re speaking about. If you’re sitting for your interview, try not to swivel in your chair. The viewers will often only see your head and shoulders, so swiveling can look awkward. Despite the lights, camera and all the action, take a deep breath and just be yourself.

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